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2019-12-09 10:32:24

◆ 顆粒加速技術的突破,極大的提高了粉碎效率, 降低了能耗,粉碎小粒形好,粒度分布窄且無大 顆粒,產品粒度D97:2-75微米之間任意調節。
◆ 適合于熱敏性、低熔點、含糖份及揮發性物料的 粉碎。
◆ 物料相互碰撞進行粉碎,設備無磨損,產品純度 高。
◆ 可與多級分級機串聯使用,一次生產多個粒度 段的產品。
◆ 設備結構緊湊,拆裝清洗方便,內壁光滑無死 角。
◆ 整套系統密閉粉碎,無粉塵,噪音低,生產過程 清潔環保。
◆ 控制系統采用程序控制,操作簡便。
◆ 可進行數種物料的混合粉碎; 可變的組合結構、 結構緊湊、一機多用。


Principle and characteristics:

◆ the breakthrough of particle acceleration technology greatly improves the grinding efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and the particle size distribution is narrow without large particles. The particle size D97: 2-75 μ m is adjusted arbitrarily.
◆ it is suitable for crushing of heat sensitive, low melting point, sugar and volatile materials.
◆ the materials collide with each other for crushing, the equipment is not worn, and the product purity is high.
◆ it can be used in series with multi-stage classifier to produce products with multiple granularity segments at a time.
◆ the equipment has compact structure, convenient disassembly and cleaning, smooth inner wall without dead angle.
◆ the whole system is closed and smashed, free of dust, low noise, and the production process is clean and environmental friendly.
◆ the control system adopts program control and is easy to operate.
◆ it can comminute several kinds of materials; it has variable combination structure, compact structure and multi-purpose machine.


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