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Klassy Kinks: 17 More Amazing Nigerian Natural Hair Bloggers You Need to Follow


You asked and I provided!

After my first spotlight on some Nigerian natural hair bloggers that you should follow – largely based on their YouTube channels {Click here if you missed it} – I received many more suggestions, some of which I thought I’d share with you all. Between these two lists, there is plenty (a total of 29!) of beautiful natural hair to see and be inspired by from our amazing natural hair bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Don’t forget to mention any one that may have been left out of this list, and let’s share and be inspired. Enjoy!

1. Natural Nigerian

natural nigerian

Ifeamaka has been natural since late 2009, but her blog isn’t just about hair. Natural Nigerian attempts to live as natural of a life as possible – through her hair care, nutrition, beauty, and wellness. She also runs an online shop, Ahia Natural Nigerian, where you can purchase products she makes herself (I recommend the Natural Nigerian Leave-in Conditioner), as well as some from other companies.

Follow them here: Website: www.NaturalNigerian.com | Facebook: www.facebook.com/NaturalNigerianpage | Twitter: www.twitter.com/naturalnigerian | Instagram: www.instagram.com/nnigerian

 2. African Naturalistas

African Naturalistas - BellaNaija- May 2014

African Naturalistas was created by Atilola to address the concerns of African naturals that are sometimes neglected by most natural hair blogs. With contributors from Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya, it truly captures the various perspectives about natural hair for all Africans.

Follow them here: Website: www.africanaturalistas.com/ | Facebook: www.facebook.com/Africanaturalistas | Twitter: www.twitter.com/Africanaturalis | Instagram: www.instagram.com/africanaturalistas

 3. Mane Captain

mane captain

Adeola is the Toronto based blogger behind The Mane Captain a blog created to educate women on how to personally care for our crown and glory, because we’re the ones in charge of it. She also runs the @canadiannaturals and @africannaturals pages on Instagram!

Follow her here: Website: themanecaptain.blogspot.com | Facebook: www.facebook.com/themanecaptain | Twitter: www.twitter.com/sawahtwit | Instagram: www.instagram.com/themanecaptain

4. Beautifully Nappy

beautifully nappy

Beautifully Nappy has been natural since 2009, but has embarked on a more thoughtful hair journey since 2012. She started her blog in October 2013, and gained over 5 inches of hair growth in a 15 month period prior to her blog.

Follow her here: Website: www.beautifullynappy.wordpress.com | Twitter: www.twitter.com/beautifullynapy

 5. O’Naturals


O’Naturals was started by three natural haired Nigerian sisters – Oghomwen, Omozo and Osa back in 2009. Oghomwen and Omozo have both been natural since the early 2000s, while Osa went natural in 2004 and wore her hair in locks off and on. O’Naturals just recently opened up a natural hair salon in Ojota, Lagos, and alternate their focus from their salon to the blog. They are often at natural hair events around Nigeria.

Follow them here: Website: www.onaturals.blogspot.com; www.onaturalsbeauty.com | Facebook: www.facebook.com/onaturalsbeauty | Twitter: www.twitter.com/onaturals1 | Instagram: www.instagram.com/onaturals1

 6. KL’s Naturals

KLS Naturals - Bellanaija - May 2014

Kemi did her big chop in May of 2012 after stretching relaxers off and on for some time. She now has a salon in Lagos – KL’s Beauty Bar – where knowledge of gentle and mostly chemical-free haircare (including some KL Natural products) are combined with technique to bring forth beautiful natural hairstyles.

Follow her here: Blog: klsnaturals.blogspot.com | Salon Website: www.klsnaturals.com | Facebook: www.facebook.com/klsnaturals | Twitter: www.twitter.com/klsnaturals

7. Deepbrown & Kinks

Natmane is the Abuja based natural hair blogger and stylist behind Deep Brown Kinks. She big chopped in late 2010 and has one of the oldest blogs on this list, with very frequent posts and lots of hair inspiration.

Follow her here: Website: deepbrownkinks.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: www.twitter.com/Naturalmane

 8. Kinky Apothecary

kinky apothecary

My love Nibi Lawson is the mastermind behind The Kinky Apothecary, Nigeria’s first one-stop natural hair shop established in 2010, and she also runs the Kinky Apothecary Blog! Along with sporting super lush and healthy hair, Nibi/The Kinky Apothecary puts on really great events in an efforts to help educate on proper natural hair care, including, but not limited to the Great Kinky Christmas Hair Affair that happened this past December.

Follow her/them here: Website: thekinkyapothecary.blogspot.com | Facebook: www.facebook.com/KinkyApothecary | Twitter: twitter.com/kinkyapothecary

 9. Natural Ever After

Natural Ever After - Bellanaija - May 2014

Created by sisters Ziti Ndongmo Tiena and Kathleen Ndongmo, Natural Ever After is the premier healthy living (HEALTH), natural hair (HAIRITAGE) & organic skincare/cosmetics (HERITAGE) community for today’s progressive African sister whose timeless beauty starts from within. NEA aims to inspire you with the confidence to understand the impact products and nutrition have on your skin, hair, nails and lifestyle.

Follow them here: Website: www.naturaleverafter.com | Facebook: www.facebook.com/NaturalEAfter | Twitter: www.twitter.com/NaturalEAfter

 10. Chic with Kinks

chic with kinks

Paige-Ellean is a UK-based Nigerian natural hair blogger who has been blogging about hair since 2010. Paige has a ton of really useful articles on all aspects of natural hair care.

Follow her here: Website: chicwithkinks.com | Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Chic-With-Kinks/167853423390532 | Twitter: twitter.com/chicwithkinks | Instagram: instagram.com/chicwithkinks

 11. Hair of Life

Hair of Life - BellaNaija - May 2014

Sandeey of Hair of Life lives in Abuja and decided to go natural in June of 2010. She chronicles her journey to waist length hair, and it seems Sandeey retains much of her growth by wearing her hair in bunned twists.

Follow her here: Website: www.hairoflife.wordpress.com/ | Instagram: www.instagram.com/hairoflife

 12. Nappily Nigerian Girl


Hadassah has been natural all her life, which she attributes largely to her upbringing in Northern Nigeria. However, she began abusing heat styling while in university, so she big chopped and started over! On Nappily Nigerian Girl, Hadassah shares her journey and advice for others to appreciate and learn from.

Follow her here: Website: nappilynigeriangirl.blogspot.com | Twitter: twitter.com/nappilynigerian

 13. Hey Natural Beauties

hey natural beauties

Ibi is the UK based Nigerian behind the blog Hey Natural Beauties, and the Afro Hair & Skin Company. She created the blog as a space to learn, grow and share techniques for looking after afro hair and skin in the most natural and effective ways. Her blog is also used as a space to develop a more natural existence as a route to all round wellbeing. Ibi just started making YouTube videos as well so check those out.

Follow her here: Website: heynaturalbeauties.com | Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheAfroHairSkinCo | Twitter: twitter.com/afrobibs | Tumblr: theafrohairandskinco.tumblr.com/ | Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/TheAfroHairSkinCo

 14. Leave in the Kinks (LITK)


LITK was actually one of the first natural hair blogs that I started regularly following; I enjoyed tracing the adventures of Z and Fizzy and their respective hair respectively named – Poofy & Stefania! They’ve since taken a very long hiatus from posting but their blog has a LOT of great info dating back almost ten years ago, including things about locs, which Z had. I also had the brilliant revelation that Z is the sister of Yagazie Emezi, who was featured in the first article! Ms. Fizzy can be found more regularly on her Tumblr page, Hair Like Me.

Follow them here: Website: leaveinthekinks.blogspot.com | Facebook: www.facebook.com/leaveinthekinks | Twitter: twitter.com/LeaveInTheKinks | Tumblr: hairlikeme.tumblr.com/

 15. Woman in the Jungle


Another UK based blog, Woman in the Jungle was created by Wunmi Akinlagun, who was deemed one of Britain’s Top Natural Hair Bloggers. WITJ is putting the trends back into natural hair styling and black beauty by showing the reader how to translate key season trends so they are appropriate for the modern day black woman. Wunmi, who has been natural since December 2009, has also put together an annual WITJ Natural Hair and Beauty Show in the UK, and is hoping to bring it to New York next.

Follow her here: Website: womaninthejungle.com | YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/WomanInTheJungle | Facebook: www.facebook.com/womaninthejungle | Twitter: twitter.com/ItsWITJ | Instagram: instagram.com/womaninthejungle

 16. My African Hairitage

my african hairitage

While Preye’s blog is mostly not about natural hair care, her hair sure is inspiring! Preye cut her hair in late 2009 and by Dec 2012, had reached bra strap length by wearing weaves for a while. She’s on a journey to waist length hair by the end of this year, and from the look of things, appears to be well on her way!

Follow her here: Website: myafricanhairitagestyle.wordpress.com

17. Cookie’s Real Hair Care

Cookies Real Hair Care - BellaNaija - May 2014

Cookie is yet another UK based Nigerian natural who cut her hair in June of 2011 after having chemicals in her hair since her toddler days. Her blog documents her hair journey for those also struggling to tame, style, and treat the rebellious kinks, curls and waves that make a wild and beautiful head of African hair.

Follow her here: Website: cookiesrealhaircare.com | YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/chocolate7026 | Facebook: www.facebook.com/CookiesRealHairCare | Twitter: twitter.com/TheCurlyCookie

Klassy Kinks - Bellanaija - January 2014003Ijeoma Eboh is the Founder and Editor of www.Klassy-Kinks.com. She is on a mission to change the perceptions of kinky textured hair around the world. You can find her  on social media: Twitter: @klassykinks | Instagram: @klassykinks | Youtube: ije1023

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