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Thank you for choosing to advertise here on Oladeile.com

Oladeile.com delivers an attractive audience in YOUR market. Your ad on Oladeile.com puts you in front of consumers with the desire and means to buy your products and services.

Oladeile.com offers majorly three types of advertising:

1. Content Writing:

we offer content writing as a means of promotion.  We can write for you, or you can submit your content for posting.

2. Text Advertising:

we offer text advertising either as a link in posts of your choice or as a link in all pages

3. Banner Advertising:

we also offer exclusive banner advertising with different sizes depending on your choice, the sizes include: Square (300 x 250) Banner (468 X 60) and Big Banner (600 X 280).

For advertising offers and Negotiations, Please contact us via email to E-mail: oladeileads [at] gmail [dot] com (without spaces).



Normally, we should respond within 24 hours.